The Song of Creation

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In the beginning Spirit was and spirit moved, no thing and everything contained in a single drop of glorious creative potential. And then, Spirit thought, and from that thought sprang all of Creation.

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the purpose?” Have you ever asked, “What’s The Plan?” Have you ever said, “What’s it all for?” If you have ever asked these questions, and if you are not satisfied with the common religious, scientific, or esoteric answers, then The Song is for you. The Song of Creation is the complete, canonical, and glorious New Energy story of creation. The Song tells the glorious truth of our plan and our purpose, our mission and our work, but it leaves out all the Old Energy clichés and corruptions, all the hierarchies and exclusions, and all the excuses and justifications that you find in other creation stories. Pure, pristine, and powerful.

Uplift your mind, expand your consciousness, and reach for your soul. Read the Song of Creation today.

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The Song of Creation is an epic poem in four parts, part one, part two, part three, and part four.

Heal and connect with the Lightning Path

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2 reviews for The Song of Creation

  1. Michael

    I am not personally acquainted with DR. Sharp (though it’s a pleasant thought to think that one day that lack may disappear). I have no financial interest in his publications. I have no, nor do I seek any, formal link with his organization. I’m just a weed out there in the field, gleaning whatever sunlight comes.

    Trust me, then for sincerity when I write: this little book is a g-word (rhymes with “odd ham”) miracle. Actually, it’s only superficially a book; in other gestalts it’s obviously a transponder, a Spirit gush, if you will.

    It will be traveling with me daily in my briefcase, along with my Kindle, on which one day I long to find it.

    Spirit blows through his words as it does through the Himalayas….of course mainline religious will probably pray for DR Sharp’s soul, which, considering the waste of energy, is a sad thought indeed. DR Sharp’s soul needs no praying for; she is obviously in high gear.

    That said, I should also disclose: I came to this little treasure after heavy duty study of his other books. I have been looking towards the Light at least since the late 1950’s, if not during childhood, and I’ve been around many spiritual horns. I have come to recognize a safe harbor when I see one and, trust moi, that is what DR Sharp offers.

    Fear not.

    S. Hutton

  2. Amanda Kohn

    Michael I just received a boat load of your books. I haven’t had time to delve into them except for “Song of creation.” May I say your grasp of cosmology is astounding. Every word, every thought rings with the highest vibration. Brought me to tears.

    I want to say your song was heard and holds fast to my heart and soul. I really needed to hear this today so thank you for YOU!! Timing could not be more PERFECT. Thank you for your integrity and commitment to awakening those who wish to be awakened.

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Author: Michael Sharp
ISBN: 9780973740165, 0973740167
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