The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Discernment

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These days everybody and their dog has something "spiritual" to say. From churches to ashrams to the local New Age coffee shop, everybody is an expert, everybody has wisdom, and everybody can “channel”. And while the general expansion of spirituality is a good thing, not all people who speak may speak with the same authority, wisdom, or judgment. The problem is, how do you tell? How do you know when someone is offering pearls of spiritual wisdom or nuggets of chocolate brown fertilizer? How do you tell the difference between somebody who has resisted the temptations of power, ego, and lucre and somebody who would sell the soul of their own mother in order to make a fast buck? Michael Sharp has some ideas about that. Read Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Discernment and learn about all the “discernment red flags” that you can use to separate the valuable spiritual wheat from the worthless and distracting chaff.

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  1. Parable of the Ships
  2. Winnowing the Wheat
    • Intent and Expectation
    • Creation’s Equation
    • Lowered Expectations
  3. Activating your Internal BS Detector
  4. Discernment Red Flags
  5. Discernment Red Flags - Identity Issues.
    • I Channel Famous Dead People
    • I AM a Famous Dead Person
  6. Discernment Red Flags – Behavioral Issues
    • Don’t be an A-hole
    • Hierarchical Tendencies
    • Hypocrisy and Avoidance of Responsibility
    • Money’s the Motive
  7. Discernment Red Flags - Quality of Teaching
    • Rocket Science (a.k.a. Rocket Speak)
    • Lack of Grounding in Reality
  8. Discernment Red Flags – Ideology
    • Identifying Spiritual Ideology
    • Everything Happens for a Good Reason
    • Fear Factor
    • The Passivity Factor
  9. Conclusion

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1 review for The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Discernment

  1. Amanda Kohn

    The Rocket Scientist Guide To Spiritual Discernment, awesome! Every line speaks truth and has illuminated the dark corners of consciousness. I see more clearly now, again. Thank you!

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