Lightning Path Workbook Two- Healing


This book is in Draft form. As an LP student, this draft is available free to you. Please forgive typos and grammatical errors.
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Lightning Path Workbook Two – Healing. On this planet, we all endure a Toxic Socialization process. This process, which starts at birth, damages our physical body and mind, disconnects us from our Highest Self, and leaves us bitter, broken, and totally used up. Lightning Path Workbook Two shows you how to stop the assaults and heal the damage done.

Don’t waste any more time stewing in toxic environments and toxic pathology. Take control of your own healing process. Take a step on your journey home. Take a step on the Lightning Path

Heal and connect with the Lightning Path

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Author: Michael S.
ISBN: 9781897455234, 1897455232
ISBN (pdf): 9781897455265 (1897455267),
Page Count: 178
Distributed by: Ingram, Gardners (UK), Podiprint (Spain), Azmut (Poland), Singular Digital (Brazil), Books on Deman (Germany), EE Media (Russia), Korean Studies Information Co., China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation, Rotomail (Italy), Repro Print (India) Lightning Path
Manuscript Status: Draft

I'm just a guy, living on a planet, watching it slowly spiral into ecological collapse and destruction as a consequence of humanity's sickness and disconnection. I have committed my work and my life to doing something about it.