Triumph of Spirit Book Two: New and Old Energy Archetypes

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The Triumph of Spirit Book Two is the energetic encyclopedia for the New Energy, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS).

In this book you will learn about the nature, power, and purpose of archetypes, where archetypes come from, and how Old Energy archetypes have been used to "program" the people of this planet. In this book you will also learn the individual Triumph of Spirit Archetypes, how the TOSAS archetypes differ from Old Energy Archetypes, and how to use the TOSAS archetypes to emancipate and reprogram your mind with the empowering, uplifting, and connecting archetypes of the TOSAS system.

For LP students, this book should be used in conjunction with LP Workbook Four and other TOSAS resources.

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  • Archetypes
  • Origin
  • Purpose
  • Creation Templates
  • How to Reprogram the Planet
  • Warning, Challenge Ahead
  • Archetypal Study
  • Walkthrough

Technologies of Connection

The Archetypes

  • Joyful (formerly The Fool)
  • The Master (formerly Magician)
  • Formation (formerly High Priestess)
  • Rebirth (formerly Empress)
  • Force (formerly Emperor)
  • Realization (formerly Hierophant)
  • Activation (formerly The Lovers)
  • Victory (formerly Chariot)
  • Strength
  • Lightworker (formerly the Hermit)
  • World (formerly The Wheel)
  • Alignment (prev. Justice)
  • Sacrifice (prev. Hanged Man)
  • Initiation (prev. Death)
  • Passage (prev. Temperance)
  • Emancipation (prev. Devil)
  • Power (prev. The Tower)
  • The Star/Balance
  • Connection (prev. The Moon)
  • The Promise (prev. The Sun)
  • The Calling (prev. Judgment)
  • Graduation/Ascension (prev. The World)

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1 review for Triumph of Spirit Book Two: New and Old Energy Archetypes

  1. Philip Young

    I would say your deck is either well suited for more personal work or more high level professional work … either a deck a professional would use personally or with a longstanding client working at a much deeper level.

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